Soccer Skills Training Camp

Custom video lessons with live trainer feedback

Players Ages 4-16 All Skill Levels

Help your young players stay active & build their soccer skills at home with trainer guided lessons delivered online.

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6 Week Skills

Trainer Guided or
Self-Guided Training

Social Learning

Weekly Lessons

Soccer skills lessons are released during each week.
Parents and players get notified via email and text. 

Players follow the lesson plan and upload their assignments into the secure video portal

Trainers and players leave encouraging feedback on the video responses for the team to view.

Stay Connected & Make New Friends

Soccer Camps give young people the opportunity to express themselvessocialize, build friendships and self-esteem

Our online camps organize players into groups of their peers. Players create profiles and interact with each other in a safe and secure online environment.

Over 50 Interactive Guided Skills Sessions

Players are specially assigned a trainer appropriate for their soccer skill level to guide their activities and development. 

Each trainer will provide feedback and guidance on the player's technique and completion of assignments.

We have trainer available for all levels:
Beginner, Intermediate, and Competitive

Experienced player trainers with a love for the game ready to boost your child's confidence. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to supervise my player?

Trainers send video messages encouraging the player to complete their assignments on their own. Players upload their videos with the easy to use app. Younger players may need parental supervision to help them.

Will it conflict with their school schedule?

No. Video lessons and assignments are released every other day. Players are free to access the videos when they are available and upload when they can.

What if they miss their assignments?

No Problem. Players are given points for completing assignments. If they miss their assignments, they can complete them whenever they are able to move to the next level.

What technology tools do they need?

Players only need a mobile phone or tablet with a camera to view lessons and submit their assignments.

What equipment will they need?

Players will need shoes (or not), a ball, cones (or household items as obstacles) to complete their assignments. That’s it.

How are the players grouped during training?

The players are grouped according to age first then ability (if enough participants in the age group to create multiple different group level). When the students first arrive at camp, they are placed into a group consisting of other students of the same age within the program.

What if we are traveling?

No Problem. Players are free to view and complete their assignments wherever they are.

Where should they play?

Anywhere. Ideally, players will need an 8 square yard area to complete their skills. Many can be done in an area as small as 3 square yards.

What happens when they are done with their week(s)?

At the end of the week, players will receive their scores and certificate. If they are continuing the next week, they move on to the next level.

What happens to player videos after the camp?

Player videos will be available to download 7 days after the camp is complete for your video library.

How do trainers give feedback?

Trainers log into the secure app and to review the player's assignments. The trainer will then give feedback to the players encouraging them to make adjustments or push themselves to the next level.